Attention: Front End Coders, Web Designers, and Technical Marketers…

Remember the last time you were building a simple Website or Landing Page but dreaded the part where you had to add a working Web Form to collect Leads or Information?

I do too, and it made me anxious.

That’s why I’m on a mission to make it easy for you to connect a simple Web Form to a robust Backend that saves its submitted information, sends such information via Email, and possibly integrates with other Apps if you want it to.

I know there are other options out there. The so called Form Endpoint Services. But again, they all have built the same service we originally created back in 2014. A simple form-to-email web service connected thru your form’s action-attribute.

If all you want is to have a working Web Form, and receive an Email with the Submitted information then you can use our MailThisTo 1.0 App for FREE here…

But if you want to Supercharge your Web Forms...

MailThisTo aims to be the one-stop-source for all your Web Form needs.

Use MailThisTo backend to manage the Form submissions for all your JAMstack & Static Websites.

From sending Submissions by Email, preventing SPAM & sending Autoresponders with Complex Rules, to integrating with other Apps & Services to pass your Collected Data, and managing multiple Forms with Team & Clients permissions.

Just like you’d program a piece of software.

But unlike writing code, MailThisTo won’t require a degree in systems engineering to implement simple yet powerful workflows & integrations that you and your team will love to adopt and use.

Use our library of ready-made:

  • Email sending workflows.
  • Direct Integrations with Email Marketing Apps & CRMs to automate your subscriptions.
  • Project Management & Team Chat Tools for instant notifications.
  • Zapier to move your data to 1,500+ Apps.
  • Or design and refine your own processes with our Webhooks.

Built-in automation eliminates unnecessary developing hours, reduces data isolation, and keeps you out of the weeds for good!

In short:

MailThisTo will make your Web Forms more automated, more valuable & more usable for you, your team, and your clients.

Sounds interesting?

Then you’ll want to join our launch group

MailThisTo 2.0 is in Private Beta and currently available by invitation only. However, you can enter your email and get in line to receive your invite.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there. Welcome. My name is Osiris Arriola, and I’m a self-taught Web Designer, Digital Marketer, and Full time Webpreneur.

I spent the past 14 years building and scaling Web businesses that generated plenty of revenue and profit. But I won’t bore you with old stories.

What I can tell you, is that I’m not happy with the options currently available out there for making a simple HTML Form work, and possibly pass & integrate the collected data with other Web Apps.

And that’s the problem I’m focus on solving.

Right now, a small group of 20+ people are using the Private Beta with great success.

Invites to use MailThisTo 2.0 should arrive during Fall of 2020.

Want to skip to the front of the line?

Help us spread the word by sharing our Website with your friends & colleagues…

YES! You can use our current Form to Email App version 1.0 by clicking this link.